[Food Review] Dojo - A pork burger heaven

I am back for another food review, since i have been eating quite a lot lately.

If you haven't hear about DOJO before, today is your lucky day as their pork burgers are so delicious.

Address: 72 Circular Rd, 049426           Phone:      6438 4410                                Hours:  Open today · 11:00 am – 9:45 pm

This is my 2nd time visiting DOJO, we found this shop a few months ago, and my girlfriend fell in love with their burgers instantly ( must be the pork ). This time round we decide to order 3 burgers just to review it. When we reached there, the surrounding remains the same, just that they have added more stuff into their menu. Now they have their own Yakitori (BBQ stick), and much more side dishes too. 

We ordered 3 burgers and 2 Yakitori. (No judging, we can really eat a lot =p)
Let me show you the burgers individuals now:

Hikkori set - includes fries and drinks ( $13 )
Pork petty with smoky Hickory sauce ( bbq sauce ) topped with double bacon
strips and gherkins aka cucumber. 
8/10 (recommended)

The reason why i ordered this is due to the bacons. It came to me looking good and smell very very delicious. When i took the first bite, the smoky Hickory sauce was quite strong as it covered the Petty flavor. The bacon itself is crispy like it supposed to be. Even though i am not a BBQ sauce fan, I still love the texture of the whole burger. ( Crispy when you are chewing it, and the patty itself taste very nice ) 

Big Boss Set - includes fries and drinks ($14)
Pork petty topped with crispy onion ring, egg, melted cheese and
 crunchy bacon.
10/10 (Highly Recommended)

My Girlfriend all time favorite. The same Pork petty but covered with melted cheese which make the whole burger taste cheesy and with the both crunchy toppings - Onion ring and Bacon, you will totally fall in love with it. Yummy. 

Kaiju ala carte ($10) 
Melted cheese on a pork petty slathered in delicious sauce
made from a combinations of mushrooms. 
10/10 (Highly Recommended)

This is the first time that i ordered this burger, and i love it very much. The Pork patty is different here i think, the whole texture of it is softer and more flavor. Maybe because the meat is marinated with mushroom sauce beforehand? *Note* If you are not a mushroom fan, you will the taste more overwhelming. At the end of the day, i can eat this burger again and again. 

Yakitori - Pork Nuggets(bottom) and Pork Belly tare (Top) $3ea
( 7/10 and 10/10 respectively )

The pork nuggets taste normal? I am quite disappointed as they ran out of their pork grillets which i find it more tasty * Be sure to order that ! *
The pork belly taste absolutely amazing... The sauce they marinated with taste so good! The fat will melt in your mouth. Do not need to worry, it is easy to chew.  (im drooling now)


You should definitely head down and try it for yourself. The pictures itself are already so amazing, big fat pork patty. They are quite special because they served all the foods in steam bucket. ( I don't know the actually term for it. )

The whole restaurant look and feel unique and know what? No GST at all. Since you need to collect your food yourself.

Another thing to note is that they do not except credit cards, and they only accept nets if you spend $25 and abv. Remember to bring cash if you find it a hassle. 

They also have loyalty card - be sure to check with them if you going to visit them very often. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to share and let me down in the comment section if you have any other place for me to eat. 

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