Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passed Away At 55.

Shocking... Very shocking and sad news this morning.

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata passed away at age 55.

I bet you guys know that i am a hug fan of Nintendo, one of the reason was due to him.
He was a risk taker, as he love to be different in whatever he do. This was the reason why Nintendo Dual Screen(DS) was being created.

He always target the niche market, where no one dare to target. Even though the sales wasn't that good, but it slowly picked up. He once said that he do not want to target what other companies are targeting (like Sony and Microsoft), he want to create something that consumer would want to own even they have them.

Thank you Satoru Iwata, for setting the path of the Nintendo. I believe your next idea of console will be a hit.

Rest in peace...

There are no news about who will be the next president, i believe they will be announcing this week. Be sure to check back here if you interested in it. 

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