The Budget King phone - OnePlus X which cost only USD$250 with Premium Build.

There is a new king appeared in the budget smartphones category, call the OnePlus X.
Credit: Google. 

OnePlus X is by the company OnePlus, which you all should be familiar with their first two flagship, the 2014 flagship OnePlus One and followed by the 2015 Flagship, Oneplus Two. They are being well-known as an affordable smartphone maker, strong/fast and powerful that doesn't cost as much as an Galaxy S / Note Series or an iPhone yet does't fall short in terms of performance at all.

With OnePlus X, they are taking over the budget realm of smartphones, to be the top in that category. The following reasons are why: 

1) Design/Build

With back and front covered by Gorilla Glass 3, which is kind of similar to iPhone 4/4s yet the price is as low as it can be. I have seen many reviews of this, and all are saying that this is a finger magnet hardware. As it is very easy to get your fingerprint everywhere but this problem can be easily fixed with pasting a skin on it.

2) Hardware Specification

This is an 5inch AMOLED display smartphone, it is not too big or small for people to use. The phone resolution is at 1080p which is not too shabby. Equipped with Snapdragon 801 and 3GB of ram which is save to say that you won't face any lag in your day to day usage.  The battery size at 2525mAh only, which is kind of disappointing to me but hey, you are paying USD$250 only. 

We all know that One Plus 2 do not have expendable storage, which create a whole new problem to consumer. Luckily they learnt their lesson and have this phone to have dual sim tray which one can be use as microSD expansion. Good decision onePlus. 

Usually for a phone that price at this level would not have a very good camera, but hey one plus X has an 13MPs. I have read other review and they said that the camera is not that bad, so you you still take some awesome shot with it. 

The onePlus slider is on the side as well, where you can toggle between do not disturb to ringing mode easily. There is no fingerprint scanner but this is a budget phone! Fingerprint scanner would be expensive for them to put in this model and selling it at the current price. 

3) Software 

It is running on OxygenOS UI, on top of Android 5.1.1. Hopefully they will receive an update to Android 6. The whole software experience is good as they take advantage of their AMOLED screen, where they make the whole UI to be in dark mode. As you know that AMOLED screen is smart enough to save battery as "black" pixel do not eat on your battery anyway. If you do not like OxygenOS, you can just root it anyway. 

4) Conclusion 

Overall, onePlus X is a very good phone for its price. You can't compare it to the high end smartphones with their powerful specs and best cameras. For the price of SGD$398. i think that this is enough for your children if you are actually looking for smartphone for them. Cheap and reliable.

Even though you will be missing the benefit of having NFC and fingerprint session, i believe that you can still use your own passcode to lock your phone right? In Singapore, there aren't lots of NFC benefit too.

The phone is currently on LAZADA, head over to them and search for onePlus X. If i am not wrong, this model you do not need an invite to buy. HURRAY. 

ps. I am trying to force myself to post at least twice per mth. till next time :D!

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