Essential Phone Announced! Stunning Display with special features

Andy Rubin, you can call him the father of Android. (Before Google acquire it). He has been teasing with a ton of picture that a new smartphone branding is coming out.

Finally, the day has finally arrived. He announced the new smartphone - Essential Phone.

Overview of the phone 
  1. The phone is equipped with a 5.7in QHD edge to edge display. No logo at all. (awesome)
  2. The current best processor - Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of ram
  3. It comes with 128GB of storage but not expendable
  4. Two rear 13MP camera and 8MP for the front camera at the top of the display. 
  5. Fingerprint + Fast Wireless Charging 
  6. Battery Capacity: 3040 mAh 
  7. USB C only. (no headphone jack)
  8. It will consist of 4 colors. At launch will be black and white, while Stellar Grey and Ocean depth will be released at a later date. 

Special Feature

  • It has 2 magnetic connectors at the top right corner. You can actually attach the modular they have to it. The best part? The pin will provide the power to the external module.
  • Luckily for you guy, Essential created a 360 Camera for you to attached. 
    • two 12MP fisheye lenses that can record 4K video. 
    • The phone uses 60GHz WiGig to wireless transfer the data from the camera.

The phone will only be available in US (I might be wrong, but hey, you can ship it over anytime)
It will cost USD$699 w/o 360 Cam, USD $749 with the 360 Cam. 

If you convert it to SGD, it will cost about SGD 1000 + 

Would I consider this phone? Maybe, if I based on the sleek looking design of the phone and also the "modular" idea that can be easily attached. Additionally, with the awesome bezel-less QHD display, it is super attractive to me. 

However, what else can be attached on the phone? I have no idea. If they come out with more useful modular, who knows? it might be a success at the end. 

*Please note, there is no headphone jack on this phone*  (damn iPhone trend)

If you want to find out more about their phone, be sure to check out their website 
by clicking > Essential 

Thanks for reading. Cheers. 

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