The possible reason for the 2DS XL announcement by Nintendo

Sorry for the late news, but I caught the very exciting news a few days ago that Nintendo had announced their newest addition to the 2DS family, the new 2DS XL!

Why is this an exciting news? The console now will be able to play new Nintendo 3ds exclusive game as it is equipped with the c stick and ZL/ZR button. Furthermore, the design looks so beautiful too.

As for the price, it is cheaper by 50 USD?

Honestly, I did not use the 3D function very often too. Hence if I do not have a new 3DS XL, I would definitely get it. Since you are paying for a reasonable price and still getting a whole load of games library that Nintendo 3DS had. 

However, lets touched on the main reason of this article, is why? Why would Nintendo still release a system that is already few years old? 

  1. Nintendo Switch is clearly not the replacement of the 3DS product line, hence the game libraries are still going on very strong.
  2. Nintendo has no strong competitors in portable console gaming yet. Yes, I know that they are mobile games, however, not everyone will spend $50-$80 on a game in the mobile store. (psychological I guess)
  3. Additionally, if they are without any other competitors, which mean they might prolong the 3DS product line with more games. Why fix when it ain't broken right?
  4. It might mean that Nintendo Switch games may be able to play on the Nintendo 2DS/3DS product too. 

Yup. These might be the possible reasons that explained why they will release the new Nintendo 2DS XL. Nevertheless, it is truly an attractive design with an affordable price tag. 

It will be coming in 2 Colors at launch but please note that not all country will get the orange white version. 

Look at the Dragon Quest edition. The slime represented my drool. (GROSS) haha. 

So what do you about the console? let me know via email or down in the comment section below!

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