Rumors update for the upcoming phones (1) iPhone 6s and Samsung Note 5

I just realized how scary time can fly as we are halfway in 2015 already. There are so many phones being release each year and they improved by a little bit every time.

There are a few categories that consumers are being separated into - The Flagship people, Mid tier people and the lower tier people

I used to advice people to go for flagship phones as they are much more powerful and more stable but now, i guess it is much different now. Nevertheless, people still pay attention to the famous flagship phones. Let start our rumors round up time. 


1. iPhone 6s/6s plus or 7?

There are some reported stated that iPhone 7 is coming out instead of 6s / 6s plus. ( i dont find it reliable hence i would just write most 6s informations) 

A) Force touch.

- what is force touch? It has already been used in the latest Apple watch and Macbook 2015. It is a pressure sensor that will sense how hard you press on the screen and take the right action. ( I kinda like the idea, since it is workable on Apple watch, why not iphone? ) Maybe you can just press hard to *standby* your phone ? #justsaying

b) Specification. 

  • A9 processor 
  • 2GB RAM 
  • Improved 12-megapixel camera 
  • Same design as iPhone 6 
  • Force Touch 
  • Improved Touch ID 
  • Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors 
Another product by apple that will cost $10k? Anyway, the S version of iPhone would usually be the same design but better internal specs. Luckily i am okay with the design of iPhone 6. #Goodjob

C) Sapphire Display. 

Since they used sapphire display on Apple Watch, Why not used it on iPhone since it is much more durable. Maybe the cost might increase and 6s be more expensive?

D) Release Date

It is said that maybe it will be announce at this upcoming Apple Conference (June 2015) and the phone itself would be distributed to the world during mid September.
Lets us move on to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 / Edge 2

A) Quad HD or Ultra HD display.

Rumors has been passing around saying that Samsung still can't decide which type of display to use. Personally the battle of pixel in this time are stupid. How clear you want your screen to be? By using a higher power screen means that our battery will be suck dry, like the LG G 4. A large battery but still sucky due to its Quad HD screen. 

B) A upgraded Processor

Rumors point to a Exynos 7422 processor which will supposedly be the company’s first all-in-one solution that combines CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and modem on a single chip. The rumor comes from SamMobile, a credible source for Galaxy Note 5 information.

C) A New feature for the Camera

A new report from SamMobile outlines the company’s plans to bring iPhone-like exposure control to the Galaxy S6’s camera application. The update will reportedly allow users to adjust the exposure in the viewfinder by sliding a finger up or down. It’s a feature that Samsung is borrowing from Apple but it’s a useful one at least.

D) Galaxy Note Edge 2

Since it has become a trend that Samsung would always released 2 version of the flagship phone. The standard flagship, plus a Edge flagship phones. Right now rumors said that it may be looking sightly different from Note 5 as it doesn't not have the SPen. (-.- How can it be call Samsung Note?)
It will be larger and the specs will be:
  • 5.4-inch to 5.5-inch dual-edge curved display
  • hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor from Qualcomm, 
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 16MP rear camera with OIS and 8MP front-facing camer
I am quite excited about this since i am looking forward to this phone. Hopefully the battery would be better too since Note series have a good battery records. 

This conclude my part 1 of my rumors update.
Part 2 will be on Google Nexus and the next Asus flagship. 

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