MY opinion on LG G 4 [ why I am not getting it ]

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Finally i can re-contract my Singtel plan this month, and after much consideration, i think i am not getting LG G 4  since I have decided to wait for the announcement of iPhone 6s/6plus s and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

I will be touching on why i am not getting LG G 4 down below. 

1. No fingerprint sensor. 

To be honest, fingerprint sensor to me now is a must. It's a very convenient  and secured way to unlock your phone. Furthermore, it is to go along with Apply pay, Samsung Pay or even Google Wallet. You can just scan your phone and verify the card by swiping your finger on the sensor.

In this year 2015, fingerprint sensor should be built into every high end flagship phone. This is unacceptable. 

2. No Quick Charging

Unlike LG's competitors, LG G 4 does not offer quick charging. Why is this important? Just imaging you are in the office, where your battery left about 20%, and you have a date at night. You left 30 min before you can leave the office. By having this feature, you can be assured that you will leave the office with at least 70-80%. Too bad they left this feature out.

3. Big Battery Life but Due to its display, it suck. 

Even with its 3,000 mAh battery, the battery life still drain pretty fast due to its QHD display. "QHD resolution (2560 x 1440)" Personally, the battery life does outlived Samsung Galaxy S6, but the only shame is that it does not provide quick charging like i have mention earlier on. 

4. Speaker at the back.

I do not need the speaker to be at the front like HTC M9/M8 series, i just want the speaker to be at the bottom of the phone instead of being at the back. The sound will always be muffled when i am holding the phone or the phone lying down on the table. This is another big minus point for them. 


Please do not be offended as this is purely my opinion after reading lots of reviews about the phone, LG G 4 is a beauty. With its QHD display, everything look super clear and nice if you watch movie on your phone. Interchangeable leather casing, good solid built that make it feel premium yet maintaining the removable battery feature and able to expend the storage via microSD card. Apart from those, it didnt manage to attract me. It does not have the WOW factor like S6 does, or feature like Galaxy NOTE series (Spen and drawing ability). Hence after much consideration, i am still patiently waiting for the upcoming phone this year. 

- You cant chase for the most latest and better technology, as they changes very fast. I am sure that your current phone will be "lousier" within 6 month time due to a newer and better model phone will be out in the market. I am waiting for a phone that can fulfill what i want. 
(Battery, Quick Charging, and a nicer color. lol! ) 

Thanks for reading. Please let me know of what you think by commenting down below. 

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